Bakugan (2023) (Dub)

Type: ONA

Plot Summary:

In the exciting new season of Bakugan, the VESTROIAN star system is made up of six planets each home to a different species of Bakugan (Avian, Dragon, Insect, Mammal, Aquatic and Dino). Constantly at WAR with one another, the use of experimental weaponry causes the Bakugan to be inadvertently transported to EARTH. Baku-Balls rain down from the sky like meteors and crash into cities, forests, and oceans. And when the balls unroll, humans meet the 10 FEET TALL Bakugan for the very first time. Thankfully, humanity welcomes these displaced creatures, embraces their culture, and particularly falls in love with their long-standing tradition of BRAWLING. That is until kids start PAIRING with Bakugan and miraculously give them the ability to grow to giant KAIJU size.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Kids

Released: 2023

Status: Completed

Other name: Bakugan, Bakugan 3.0

Bakugan (2023) (Dub)