Ninjala Episode 0 (Dub)

Type: ONA

Plot Summary: Eagle City, Komerica -- WNA Research Laboratory Branch WNA researchers Burton, Berecca, and Ron continue their tireless efforts to develop "Ninja-Gum"; a mysterious substance that activates latent Ninja DNA in people descended from those legendary mercenary warriors (alt: those legendary mercenaries from days gone by). Today, all their hard work finally pays off. It is here - on their 2,503rd attempt - that they finally succeed in producing Ninja-Gum! Burton and Berecca can barely contain their excitement, and waste no time in trying the gum for themselves! But then...

Genre: Martial Arts, Sci-Fi, Super Power

Released: 2020

Status: Completed

Other name: Ninjala Episode 0: Ninja-Gum is Born, ニンジャラ エピソード0

Ninjala Episode 0 (Dub)