X-Men Evolution

Type: TV Series

Plot Summary:

X-men Evolution scales back to the time when our superheroes were still in their teens and unknowingly awaiting a significant adventure that bends their life path...

The movie takes its audience back to the sweet memories of the 90s when cartoons were pieces of art that engraved the awesome childhood onto one’s mind. The X-men series was an exceptional anime series at the time with kids forgetting everything else and getting engrossed into the world of superheroes and supernatural powers.  X-men Evolution was a very famous name back then. The series has received profound compliments and favor from the audience of various age groups.

X-men Evolution scales back to the time when our superheroes were still in their teens and unknowingly awaiting a significant adventure that bends their life path. The series setting was Bayville, a fictionalized town in New York, where our beloved protagonists went to school and dealt with everyday stuff. Each of the episodes of the series was made in an attempt to be individualized, in order to avoid making Continuity Lock-Out, yet still holding some bonds with the other episodes and with the overall story. The script and story of the episodes were carefully built to keep the hardcore audience entertained, all the same time catching the attention from the new audience and leading them to the marvelous Marvel world. And it worked like a charm! Audience were very fascinated and intrigued with the supernatural powers as well as the value offered to them from the show, such as “Great power comes with great responsibility” and peace goals. Throughout the episodes of the series, X-men officially became one of the most idolized characters by children, especially the protagonists playing in the show. Many of us are now recalling the days when we sat in front of the TV waiting solely for this gem and felt so satisfied, and disappointed at the same time when an episode ends (good fun should never end).

The well-developed plot of the series is just one of the things that make this series an engraving in minds of generations. The sound system, alongside with animation techniques and director’s skills, has once set up the standards for “good show” back then. X-men Evolution soundtracks were very catchy and appealing. It has the vocal depth and the intonation in lines, combined with the script mentioned above, making the dialogues even more impressive and memorable. Some said that this series has gained great popularity ever since its release on the TV up till now also thanks to its being “real” in animation, effects and other side matters. The superheroes, the mayhem, the adventures and life portrayed in the series are of “real” influence over the audience thanks for the fluid animation of characters and special cartoon effects well performed in the show.

All in all, X-men Evolution is a childhood-calling series that sets us back to our simple and happy days watching TV when the cartoons were still excellent and meaningful.  We want our sweet days back, and we want to get back to our sweet days watching X-men Evolution every weekend and dreaming of fighting side-by-side Prof. X against the cohort of Magneto. Now we can only watch high quality anime online to collect pieces of our childhood. Such a significant and valuable show like X-men Evolution should never be forgotten or ignored. 

Genre: Action, Drama, Super Power

Released: 2011

Status: Completed

X-Men Evolution